By Jane Bahneman

This one will have all the feels, so please brace yourself, as this is the last blog post I will draft for 2017. It has been one heck of a year.

I considered writing a “year in review” – a timeline – informing all of our faithful Blues of the amazing things that have happened in the studio this calendar year. And boy do I love a solid outline and plan!

But it feels far more authentic to write from my heart as we close out this particular year. It feels so much better to just tell you a story. Read on.

Blue Nectar Yoga started as a dream in 2005; a true goal in 2011; it birthed a business plan in 2012; hunkered down into a physical space in 2013; and grew wings when we opened the doors in a very chilly February of 2014. Since then, the business has gone through a number of evolutions to get where we are today. That is the natural ebb and flow – it takes nourishment and patience to blossom fully – to deeply understand the nuances that ultimately makes something come alive.

And what I know for sure is that Blue is really, truly alive. It has a rhythm, an unmistakable heartbeat, that a small business owner only dreams about.

Together, we are all in the flow and contributing to an energy that is vibrating at the highest level. Every one of you matters; what each of you contribute in the space cannot be replicated which thus creates our vibrant, special Blue community.

I love connecting with you. Getting to know you is an unimaginable gift. For me, really seeing another person – truly connecting – brings meaning to this crazy, hectic, sometimes confusing life. I have had periods in my own life where that was sorely lacking, and understand how truly difficult that can be.

So from exchanging long hugs when I have learned of a loved one’s passing, to celebrating one of your amazing successes, to the ever-bustling prenatal classes and all the babies of Blue, to a private yoga session where we quietly move through some necessary healing, to a shared “I get it” glance when I know you just need your space, to e-mail exchanges where we dialogue and find solutions, to the parties, and the silly costumes we all wore while acting like kids again in a packed Halloween Bash, to you showing ME grace and support and getting to practice yoga next you on my own mat  – this Blue community leaves me overwhelmed and often speechless. And it certainly gives me all the feels.

In addition to this heartfelt thank you to YOU, our Blue family, I want to acknowledge Team Blue. We have a team that, in my opinion, is like few others I’ve seen over two decades in the industry. These are yogis practicing diligently, both on and off the mat. They care about each other and about you – and they carry out the Blue mission statement in their very being. In building the Blue staff, it does not matter if an instructor has local yoga-lebrity status – I care if they care, and if they are doing the necessary work to own the big responsibility of being your yoga instructor. When these folks step into the role as teachers at Blue, the authenticity is felt. I know you feel this too, because you tell me so.

What really matters is if we, as teachers, can sit with our students, not stand above them – and I beam with pride when I reflect on the outstanding humans that make up Team Blue.

And as we peer into 2018, I get silly with excitement and I think that is all I really need to say!

Our story is fully unfolding in the coolest ways – and the best part is that we are ALL writing it together now!

There are plans in the works to serve you better and to challenge you, to enhance offerings to sustain your personal growth, to give you more to dabble in, to never ever forget the value of FUN, and to, quite simply, always keep close sight of our big Blue “Why?”

Stated clearly on our website is our mission and vision, and the tagline we have stood by since the Blue story began:

We are yoga without attitude.

I wrap this final post, assuming that you might be thinking about your own personal story and setting intentions for the new year, maybe consider just one: get in alignment, find the flow. I have learned that the best laid plans can change abruptly; that the path you think is best might not at all be what the Universe knows is best for you; that the most special gifts arrive mysteriously.

Maybe the only necessary resolution is to stay open, be fully present, and let it all unfold.

Writing the next chapters in Blue’s story feels like a total group effort now, and I am honored to just be at the helm.

From my heart energy straight into yours, thank you.



About the author:

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Jane Bahneman is the owner of Blue Nectar Yoga Studio in Falls Church, Virginia ( and has been speaking publically and teaching yoga for nearly two decades. Jane’s teaching style is described as soulful and down-to-Earth. She owns Jane Bahneman Consulting, ( focusing on business strategy, coaching, and leadership education services. Jane serves on the American Council on Exercise Industry Advisory Panel and the Advisory Council for the Association of Fitness Studios. Her certifications include: ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist; NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist; ACE Certified Group Exercise Instructor; AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor; Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 and Prenatal-RYT; Spinning and Keiser Cycling Certified. Jane can be reached at